Below are my latest stories. You can click the link to read the opening scenes, or contact me for the entire script.    

The Paradox 


*Sci-Fi Drama  


A scientist at DARPA travels back to 1968 Vietnam to stop a colleague from altering the past, and soon learns that his actions will result in the death of her estranged father.



*Short Horror script  


A Native American hiker encounters a small group of Bigfoot hunters in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and goes out of his way to help them track down their elusive prey.


*Supernatural Horror script ​

As a detective investigates a series of murders, she begins to suspect supernatural forces and traces certain antiques back to a nineteenth century Virginia farmhouse, where two teens had slaughtered their own family.    


Flight School 
*Short script - dark comedy

A student pilot who needs to earn some quick money, gets involved with local drug dealers over the Christmas break, an action which puts both himself and a cantankerous cleaning woman in jeopardy.