Human Nature    

After a gifted code breaker at NORAD deciphers Chinese messages sent to deep space, he discovers that aliens on earth have been behind escalating racial violence on both sides. Realizing a political takeover of America is imminent, he uses blackmail to join their new power elite.
The series is about David Ryder, the top code breaker at NORAD, who breaks a code from space and discovers that Aliens embedded in our society are about to implement a political takeover of all major countries, starting with America. Realizing their true agenda, he blackmails one of the alien’s leaders, Colorado Governor Tammy Hughes, in order to join them.
Jessica Bryant, an intern for the governor, learns she was adopted and traces her real parents back to the alien landing 25 years ago. She finds coded messages from her parents to David's mentor, a man who died 25 years ago.   
In the pilot, called "Helter Skelter", David begins to decipher coded messages from a Chinese satellite out towards the Kuiper Belt. NORAD is concerned about a possible military invasion from space, but David discovers that the same code is being used by neo-Nazis. Believing that Aliens are already on earth and responsible for the escalating racial violence on both sides, he decides to use this knowledge for his own gain.